How Can I Get a Tick Off of My Dog?

There are few pests on the planet as annoying as ticks, those small critters that can crawl around in your yard and bite you and your pets. They can carry the risk of transmitting diseases, and can make the bitten person or animal itch for days to come.

The best way to address any tick bite, whether it is on a human or an animal, is to find the tick and remove it from the skin as soon as possible. This is why it is so important to check yourself and your pets over every time you come in from the outdoors, so you can ensure you or your pet haven’t been bitten by a tick. You can always cut down on the amount of ticks in your yard by hiring tick control eatontown experts to treat your lawn for ticks, but knowing how to properly remove a tick in the event of a bite is important, too.

Removing Ticks From a Pet

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Has your dog been bitten by a tick? If you have come back indoors and checked your dog over for ticks only to find one, then you will want to remove it quickly to ease up on your dog’s itching, as well as to cut down on the likelihood that your dog will have a tick-borne diseases transmitted to him or her.

If you find a tick on your dog, you should grab a pair of tweezers and use your fingers to spread your dog’s fur, so you can clearly see the skin where the bite is. Grab the tick with the tweezers gently so you don’t break part of the tick off. When you have a good grip on the tick with the tweezers, you should lift upwards slowly to remove the tick. Be sure to kill it and throw it away in a paper towel when you’re done so it doesn’t get away and bite someone or something else.