Holiday Electrical Safety Tips to Keep Your Family Safe

Don’t let the joy of the holidays erupt in flames -literally. Fire dangers are existent all year long but during the holidays when we decorate and use our electricity far more often, the dangerous grow even greater.  You can enjoy the holidays without fire and electrical worries with minimal effort necessary. Keep the holiday electrical safety tips below in mind to enjoy the holidays without any fires or risks of electrical damage.

Tip One: Inspect the Wires

Before using any lights or decorations, check the wires for damages. Any type of damage may cause a fire or other types of damage. This mishap is easily prevented if you inspect the wires and toss out any that are frayed or otherwise damaged.

Tip Two: Don’t Overload Circuits

Overloaded circuits cause many fires and electrical dangers at homes, especially when the holidays roll around. Be sure that overloading isn’t a problem in your home and use outlet strips to keep things safe.

Tip Three: Certified Labels

Check all of your appliances, cords, and decorations for the CL label on the cord. Toss out any that do not include this label.  This label ensures the appliances that you use are safe and certified.

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Tip Four: Keep it Away

Keep candles and other heat sources away from the Christmas tree, curtains, etc. to reduce the risk of a fire. Better yet, use non-flame candles instead. So many fires occur as a result of items being placed too close together and catch fire.

You can call an electrician temecula ca to help with your holiday electrical needs if you would like to add more safety to your season. There is no such thing as being too careful and the help offered by a professional ensure that you get that help.