Your Kids And Electronic Toys

The world of toys has changed drastically over the past two decades.  Now in the modern times of electronics devices, components like rf couplers are finding new life in ways many of us have never dreamed of.  One industry that is taking a huge leap forward is the toy industry.  With voice activated devices, cameras and other technology the toys that we create are basically coming to life.

Smart toys

The world of smart toys is something that was only dreamed of before.  One example of this is the talking doll.  In today’s world we now have the ability to have programmable dolls that can talk to your children, interact with them and really be great companions.  Another device are drones.  Drones are great toys and tools that can be used to fly around and do tricks, or they can be used with a camera to spy on friends.


rf couplers

One of the biggest concerns with these new toys and the technology that is being placed into these toys is our privacy.  With cameras and recording devices in these toys how do we know that we are not being listened to or being recorded.  If a camera is in the eyes of a doll who is to say it is not recording private moments in the home or even taking video that is then being edited, manipulated and used for illegal purposes.

Another factor is that many of these devices connect to the internet.  When something is connected to the internet it can be found and once found, hacked into.  This could mean that strangers could be watching or listening at all times. 

As parents it is important that you monitor your children and the use of these devices.  Also, make sure that you change any passwords, codes or other information used by these devices from their default codes to codes you know.  Protecting your children from the toys and technology of the future is a large job we need to really take seriously.

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